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Our "Read more" Kindle sticker is a must-have for those who love to read. It serves as an occasional reminder to make the time to read. The inspiration for this reading sticker came after watching several episodes of my favorite streaming show and wishing I had spent the time differently.

Whether you're a book lover or someone who just needs that reminder to pick up your Kindle or favorite book, our "Read more" sticker might be for you.

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Original "Binge less, read more" Kindle sticker

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Sticker details:
- Gloss finish
- Waterproof
- Dishwasher-safe
- Thick and durable vinyl

Strong adhesive helps the sticker adhere to any clean smooth surface. The combination of vinyl and Ultraviolet (UV) coating makes it waterproof, scratch-proof, and fade resistant in the sun. Ideal for a water bottle, laptop, Kindle, tumbler, phone, or planners.
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