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You're a big meanie

You're a big meanie

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Introducing our "You're a big meanie" clear sticker, it's a funny sticker for many applications. I cannot remember when it started, but my kids started using the "Big meanie" phrase for any occasion they felt they got the rough end of the stick. It has become a daily retort.

The sticker is a professionally made clear label with white ink. The die cut sticker measures 3 by ~2.6 inches. The design was 100% art directed and approved by my daughter.

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Sticker specifications:
- Crystal clear, premium material
- Resistant to food, oil, and refrigeration
- Waterproof
- Dishwasher-safe
- Professionally made

Strong adhesive helps the sticker adhere to any clean smooth surface. The clear labels are made from a crystal clear, premium material that's resistant to food, oil, water and refrigeration. Ideal for a water bottle, jar, laptop, Kindle, tumbler, phone, or planners.
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